Kids Drop Down Scrapwood Pallet Project Desk

Floating or non floating drop down desk

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Mario Published on 03/16/2019, viewed by 1219

My daughter asked for a new desk for Christmas so I threw this bad mammer jammer together in a couple of weeks. Installed a mirror and Bluetooth speakers so she could jam out while putting her face on.

What you will need


nails and screws

desktop material



for extra flavor, usb hub and bluetooth speakers

How to do this project


Find a pallet


Remove bottom half of slats and rearrange the top slats into shelves


Install desk top to the bottom of pallet with hinges and rope to hold in place when down


Use large bolts to fix to the wall in studs. Full disclosure: this was originally a floating desk however it was going to be placed at her mother's house and I didn't want her mother to have to worry about installation so I attached legs to hold the weight of desk. It turned out to be quite heavy


If you're feeling Randy, like I was. Install USB hub and Bluetooth speakers for added modernization and cool points.


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