Kitchen Island/table Top

Beetle killed Ponderosa Pine table/island top

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Justin Pawlowski Published on 05/08/2017, viewed by 3377 , 3 Comments

4.5'x9' kitchen island top that I made for a customer out of 2" Beetle Killed Ponderosa Pine.

What you will need

Wood of choice

Dowels or wood joining method of choice

2 part bartop epoxy (lots and lots needed)

How to do this project


Plane all slabs to matching thickness


Straight line 1 edge each slab with a track saw


Run all but 2 of the slabs through the table saw to straight line the last edge


Biscuit, dowel, or joining method of choice. Glue up all panels


When dry check seems and recur with track saw if necessary then reglue


Sand through finish


Finish with epoxy this will take several coats. Read instructions on packaging carefully


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Rafael Sanches
05/08/2017 ☰
Wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing.
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05/12/2017 ☰
that is awesome work!
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Goa Malino
10/01/2019 ☰
Kitchen island
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