Live Edge Tealight Candle Holder

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Stan Glover Published on 06/13/2017, viewed by 3040 , 2 Comments

What you will need

Firewood log less than 6 inches in diameter

Birch cut-offs

How to do this project


Went foraging through my burn pile for a dry log that would fit my 6 inch jointer


Wanted an overall thickness of 2 inches. So i jointed the side of the log that had originally been split.


I then fed that log through the planar to get a nice parallel surface where i would make the candle holders


Drilled out 5 candle mortises using a forstner bit


Made 2 legs out of birch remnants and attached them to the log with pocket screws


Wire brushef the bark to get rid if all loose pieces.


Applied 5 coats of polyurethane


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Rafael Sanches
06/13/2017 ☰
Great work!
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Renato Peterman
06/23/2017 ☰
Awesome! Thanks for sharing 😉
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