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Flower Pot Shelf

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LilyJoy Frederick Published on 12/23/2019, viewed by 586 , 0 Comments

I love to garden, and while I haven't mastered growing flowers, I have experience with a few vegetables and spices, which I sometimes put in pots. I gave this one to my grandparents, who are gardeners, and they loved it. I think it's about 3' tall and about 8" wide, give or take, just so you know what the proportions are.

What you will need

1x4 board(I ripped most of it to be 1x2, you will need a piece ripped at 1x3 for the ladder top

brad nailer+nails

wood glue

1x6 board

How to do this project


I didn't get pictures of the process because I made this before I got this app, and honestly I mostly eyeball things... Don't actually measure, so this might be slightly off... And I definitely can't tell you the exact angles I used


There are a total of 11 pieces in case you can't see them all


First, I used my 1x2 pieces and cut the sides of the ladder and glued them together. You're going to have to figure out the angles(make sure you cut the bottom four pegs flat before you assemble the rest)


Second I used my 1x2 to make the four steps and cut them to the wanted width(make sure you account for the thickness of the ladder side) and glued them together


Third I used my 1x3 piece for ladder top and cut it to be just a couple inches longer than the steps, then glued that in place


Forth I cut my shelf pieces out of my 1x6 to the wanted length and glued them in



And lastly, I reinforced all joints with brad nails


Most people know that 1x4s aren't actually 1" by 4"... It's ¾" by 3½"... so that makes all your pieces ¾" not a whole inches... Make all other measurements what I said prev


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