Monkey Pod European Pen

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Video made by JCrown Published on 8/3/2017, viewed by 720 , 2 Comments

This is my 1st pen to turn. As expected, I learned a lot with it.

What you will need


Pen Maker's Mandrel

European Pen Kit

European Style Bushings

CA Glue

Pen Mill Pilot for 7mm

Pen Mill Cutter Head .75

7mm Drill Bit (or as close as you can get. In my case I used a 9/32")

Monkey Pod Blanks

*A drill press would come in handy if you have one. Unfortunately I don't at the moment.

How to do this project


Tools/accessories needed.


for my blanks.

This is a piece of monkey pod I had laying around so I used pieces from it for my blanks.


Shaping the pen blanks on the lathe.


Sanded then applying poly for the finish.


Assemble Pen


Project complete.


: mango, monkey pod, oak & koa

A few other pens I've made since this one. The wood used from left to right: mango, monkey pod, oak & koa


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Rafael Sanches8/5/2017 ☰
Thanks for posting the steps J. It's so exciting to learn from you. 👏
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Will Lindsey2/24/2018 ☰
You can get a drill bit Chuck for your tailstock cheaper than a drill press. It's $80-$90 at Rockler or Woodcraft.
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