Nice Wall Shelf

Fairly quick project

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caleb Published on 08/15/2016, viewed by 3043 , 2 Comments

It is 18,3\4 square and the inside peices are one foot. The square in the middle needs to be 6 inches by 6 inches. It'll all fit in place if your measurements are correct. You can paint or stain it.

What you will need

11 feet of 1x4

How to do this project


The inside of 18 by 18 inches


I used walnut stain from Walmart


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Rafael Sanches
08/16/2016 ☰
Thank you so much for sharing caleb!! Looks very nice! Please if you can, in the last step, send a tiny video clip showing how everything looks together!
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Ryan Williamson
10/01/2016 ☰
What do you mean by 18,3/4 square? Are the outer pieces 18" or 18 3/4"?
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