Night Stand

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Chris Fassler Published on 11/28/2016, viewed by 1374 , 3 Comments

Pair of night stands made using two pallets

What you will need

(2) pallets

Small box of 1 1/2" wood screws

Dark walnut stain

How to do this project


Unfortunately I didn't keep track of this project. I only used wood from the pallets. Cut the stretchers of the pallet to meet the height of your bed(mine are around 2ft). I tried to utilize the originals nails to add to the look.


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Rafael Sanches
11/28/2016 ☰
Great job Chris! For the next projects, try to document step by step with the app! You will be surprised how cool it is.
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that's awesome work! ..
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Austin Payne
12/07/2016 ☰
Looks good! Maybe make a "floating" headboard too!
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