Pallet Wood Entryway Table

Plus 2 6ft. Fence boards

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Ron Yancey Published on 02/11/2017, viewed by 2673

16" wide X 60" long X 36" tall

What you will need

2 pallets

2 6ft. Fence boards

Stain and paint of your choice

Screws and/or brad nailer

Miter or circular saw

Wood glue

How to do this project


Frame top to desired length and width. Cut pallet board to desired table width and place on frame. Cut pallet board to desired height. Lay the top upside down to attach legs. (Remember to subtract the width of the top from the legs. This will ensure you have the right height.) Support frame/legs with lower sheving. I use scrap wood to build a cross support to set the lower shelves on. My shelving was made from fence board (home Depot or lowes). I chose that to match the look of the pallets. I simply measured the inside length and cut the fence board to fit.


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