Piano Workbench

I made my old piano into my workbench

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michelle nelson Published on 11/26/2017, viewed by 2802

It took me little time to create the base of my idea and I found ways to reuse the parts I pulled off to. This is piano #3 I have disassembled. #1 now resides at the dump. It was free, unusable as a piano, and small so it was the perfect subject for my trial and error DIY style. Piano #2 was a Wurlitzer spinet that I turned into a digital keyboard stand. This 3rd piano I wanted to be an ongoing project but still functional in my studio. Tips?Make plans ahead of time for the sound board and keys

What you will need

a good drill to remove a million flat head screws

Small bar or prying device for older, swolllen wood

Tip, look up the make and model to see if the soundboard is solid brass. If so take to recyclers $$

a friend willing to listen to you curse for an hour before helping you lift out the soundboard.

How to do this project


Watch YouTube to get a rundown on how to disassemble piano. But if you know basic engineering you can figure it out. If you're not servicing it or have the intention of it ever being functional again, go bananas, you can't hurt it.


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