Plum Wood Ring

1-2 hour process

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Dan Hammock Published on 01/14/2017, viewed by 2719 , 2 Comments

Minimal tools required

What you will need

Preferred type of wood

Drill with hole saw and paddle bit

Carving knife

Dremel or preferred sand paper

Preferred stain or oil

Preferred type of lacquer

How to do this project


Use preferred size hole saw. Drill to desired depth, but not all the way through.


Center preferred paddle bit and drill to the same or just beyond depth of hole saw.


Hand carve to roughly the desired shape.


Use dremel or sand paper to finish surface smooth.


Rub in oil or stain. (I used walnut oil.)


Apply lacquer according to directions. May need up to three coats depending on preference as wood may absorb some of the lacquer.


Let dry and enjoy!


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Ken Schmuckal
02/03/2017 ☰
What kind of wood works best
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