Poplar Cutting Boards

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Anthony Brauer Published on 05/19/2018, viewed by 1398 , 2 Comments

What you will need

lumber of your choice


table saw

planer or sander


How to do this project


Gather lumber needed and cut to length.


Once all lumber is symmetrical with one another, glue all pieces and let dry over night. Once dried, cut to length and change edges of so desired. Sand and finish with cutting board oil and cond9iction with wax


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Rafael Sanches
05/21/2018 ☰
Hey Anthony, great job with the cutting boards. Do you think I can order a custom one with you to feature in our cooking videos? https://craftlog.com/us/cooking/homemade-flour-tortillas-3qjch
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Anthony Brauer
05/21/2018 ☰
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