Restored Farm Sign

A simple mount board for a classic sign

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Video made by David Published on 6/4/2016, viewed by 407 , 2 Comments

This is a sign of my Grandpa's dairy farm I cleaned up with some stainless steel cleaner so it wouldn't eat the vinyl lettering and wire brushed the rust. Mounted on a simple board. Raised it for 3d effect.

What you will need

3/4" plywood

Black 1-1/4" wood screws

A sign to mount

Clearcoat wood sealant

Stain or paint of your choice or whatever

How to do this project


Prepare and clean sign


Cut, router board edge and sand


Clear coat, then stain. The stain is subtle but darkened to a cherry color.


Build and mount raised frame with screws


Mount sign with screws . Only tighten to 3/4" gap


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Rafael Sanches6/14/2016 ☰
Looks awesome! Really liked the routed edges
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Planejados Maderato7/10/2016 ☰
verry goog congratulations
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