Segmented Change Dish

First go at segmenting

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Chris Moughan Published on 11/29/2016, viewed by 2668 , 2 Comments

3" O.D, 2" deep. The upper ring and the base are mahogony, the bottom ring is white oak.

What you will need

16 segments of white oak, 16 pieces of mahogony and a 3" solid base.

How to do this project


Cutting segments. Stock was 3/4 x 3/4. Cutting angles were 11.25 degrees.


Glue up rings individually, remove excess glue.


Sand all pieces flat and glue up full assembly.


Mount and turn on lathe.


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Ahamed Ff
11/30/2016 ☰
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Rafael Sanches
12/02/2016 ☰
Great job!
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