Shot Glass Holder

Party on!

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Thiago Pauli Tavares Published on 09/03/2016, viewed by 3075 , 3 Comments

Made with scrap ipe hardwood and 2 metal brackets. I didn't take pictures of the making, sorry about that. Finished it right before the birthday party.

What you will need

Scarp wood

Metal - L shaped, drilled 2 holes

Cup/tube/cylindrical saw




Wood finish of your choice

Shot glasses!

How to do this project


Measure the length of the wood and cut it accordingly to fit the glasses


Drill the holes to fit the shot glasses


Sand everything to perfection


Drill the guide holes to screws on the metal brackets


I sanded and applied primer then automotive paint on the brackets (I had it on the shop, you can just spray paint or whatever you prefer)


Put it all together


Get a bottle and party on!


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Rafael Sanches
09/03/2016 ☰
Uow amazing job! Thank you so much for sharing, very inspiring.
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Jim Gilbert avatar
Jim Gilbert
09/03/2016 ☰
I love simple items that have character and warmth. Great job! I see you use ipe wood. A lot of people here in michigan are using that for building decks. Is it a difficult wood to work with? Did you test out the shot glasses to make sure the worked after you finished?!
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Duong Nguyen Quoc avatar
Duong Nguyen Quoc
09/14/2016 ☰
Great idea
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