Silverware Divider

All you need is ¼" plywood and a bit of wood glue

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Video made by LilyJoy Published on 12/28/2019, viewed by 2135 , 1 Comments

I made this about a year ago for my mom to replace our old rusting tin divider. She showed me a picture of one she saw at Walmart and this was my first attempt... If I had tried again I would have made a few improvements, but she liked it so I didn't try again. As I said, I made this a while ago, so I don't have pictures of the process. But I've got the finished product, hopefully you can go of that.

What you will need

ply wood

wood glue

How to do this project



You can add or remove the extra dividers




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Aaron Rowe
12/05/2022 ☰
Came out really good!!! Good job!!!!
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