Skull Adirondack Chair!

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Adam Hill Published on 10/01/2016, viewed by 3748 , 15 Comments

I wanted to make something special for a family member who loves Halloween! I saw a skull chair on pintrist, but it did not look comfy. I had the idea to combine a skull into an Adirondack chair, and I did just that. Hope you like it!

What you will need

8 Cedar dog eared fence boards

1 2x6x10ft board

2 2x4x10 board

How to do this project


First build the frame, and seat.


Then assemble the seat to the frame.


Then cut out the skull and attach.




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Rafael Sanches
10/01/2016 ☰
Hi Adam! Thank you so much for uploading such awesome project! Please upload more :-)
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Jim Gilbert avatar
Jim Gilbert
10/03/2016 ☰
Outstand job and creativity!!!
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Osman Hoosain avatar
Osman Hoosain
10/07/2016 ☰
Hi I need sum help plz, if I have wood 1200mm x1200mm and I want to cut it in 300 x400mm sizes how many pieces will I get and plz show me how to work it out, thanks ozz
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