Spice Rack

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Will Lindsey Published on 03/19/2017, viewed by 2587 , 2 Comments

Stained pine

What you will need

1x4 pine and 1x6 pine (small piece), screws, stain (i used Minwax)


Table saw, circular saw will work. Even a hand saw, except for the dadoes.

Router with Roman Ogee bit

Something to apply stain. I prefer shop rags.

Something to check for square, i have Rockler's corner clamps.

How to do this project


After determining the dimensions you want cut the 1x4 pieces. I made my sides about 22 inches, and my shelves 16 inches. I planned on 4 1/2 inches between each shelf to fit most spice jars.


Cut dadoes in the side. I used my table saw. I don't have a dado blade so I just made multiple passes through the wood. I measured to make the dadoes half the width of the sides.


Cut the top (the 1x6) to length to accommodate the width of the Roman ogee cut. Mine is 3/4". You have to measure the width of the shelves plus half the width of the sides plus the router bit cut depth.


Cut three sides of the top on the router.


Stain everything


Put the sides and shelves together, making sure it's square. I used screws to attach everything.


For the back, I split some 1x4 on my band saw just to make it lighter, but you don't have to. I've made 3 of these now and I didn't split them on the first one. Attach the back pieces to the sides and shelves with screws.


Measure the depth of the shelf and trim the top to the right size.


Attach the top.


Attach whatever hooks on the back you prefer to mount it on the wall.


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Joseph Edward Daniels
03/21/2017 ☰
Looks good
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Rafael Sanches
03/23/2017 ☰
Amazing job!
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