Thickness Planer Cart

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Video made by Tom Published on 09/18/2018, viewed by 1399 , 2 Comments

I have limited space in my shop. I've been using my thickness planer on a furniture dolley. When not in use, it just sits in front of my workbench causing me to step around it. I decided to build a low profile cart that rolls under my workbench. I still need to pick up some bolts to mount it to the tabletop. Table, with planer attached, is around 31" tall. The width is around 23". Eventually, I plan on adding a base or a drawer on the inside to use for storage.

What you will need

2x4, melamine, casters, edge banding, screws, angle brackets, stain, shellac

How to do this project






I used all scrap 2x4s that I salvaged from a demo job in my buddies basement. The top is melamine I had left over that I edge banded.


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Spencer Penley
09/22/2018 ☰
I used 3"-1/4" lag screws to hold mine down to it's mobile cart and it worked perfectly.
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Eddie Gattes
11/16/2018 ☰
Nice simple and useful idea that I personally will benefit from and won't cringe over having 2 rotate other tools to even use my planer.. Thanks
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