Wand and Box

Oak wand and Oak/Sapelle box

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Video made by Polar Published on 01/28/2019, viewed by 1640 , 3 Comments

I'd never made a sliding box before, so the challenge was fun! Despite a few arguments with the table saw... haha. No screws were used in construction, I wanted all glue joints. Hopefully I can upgrade to actual joinery on future projects.

What you will need

Wood glue

Clamps (lots... of clamps...)

Wood planks (about a half inch, though you can certainly use thinner pieces for the base and lid)

A clue (I didn't lol)

A table saw (I even cut my grooves with one... use a router...)

A pencil or marking tool of some kind

Some towels, rags, or cloths (for clean up and stain)

Sand paper

1/8 Wood chisel

How to do this project


rst, next time though

I didn't have any shots of the box while I was working on it as it is my first, next time though


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Harry Potter! S2
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I love it
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Can I maybe buy it
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