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Walnut and Cedar watch Display Idea

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Video made by Peter Published on 02/04/2018, viewed by 3455 , 2 Comments

This project really tested me and I learned a lot, about wood movement and wood glue I only have a very small, unheated workshop. We are in the middle of Winter at the moment in the UK, so it is freezing in my garage. I had some Walnut strips that I was given, so I decided to laminate them to make the display arms and base. I also used Cedar as the accent colour. The arms were made by taking measurements of the circumstance of my wrist and then sanding the arm to that measurement.

What you will need

you will need some Walnut and some Cedar for the accent colour, but any other light coloured wood do

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Silvia Curioni
02/06/2018 ☰
I LOVE the result! Amazing job
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Very practical and stylish
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