Wine Barrel Chair

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Video made by Eddie Published on 10/29/2017, viewed by 637 , 3 Comments

Hey I made this out of just a wine barrel and a couple of screws and it pretty cool

What you will need

Wine barrel, angle grinder, jig saw, orbital sander, sand paper 80-360, file/rasp

How to do this project


Create shape of your seat.


 barrels shape

Mark, drill clearance hole, drill countersink hole and screw in to keep the barrels shape


Angle grind the rings that you haven’t screwed in and jig saw your shape


Sand and your done !!!


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Rafael Sanches10/29/2017 ☰
Very nice! What you did with the other half?
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Silvia Curioni10/29/2017 ☰
This looks so cool!
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Renato Peterman10/29/2017 ☰
Awesome project!
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