Wire Spool Table

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Corrie Diemer Published on 08/24/2016, viewed by 11550 , 4 Comments

Made from a wire spool! Turnedout great. I do not have plans for this just came up with it!

What you will need

Old wire spool, 4x4s, screws, bolts, 2x4s, store bought round seats.


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Rafael Sanches
08/24/2016 โ˜ฐ
So nice recycle Corrie!! Amazing wooden spool table! It looks like you use it as an outside patio table. It seems that you sanded and painted and screwed the store bought seats. The corrugated steel seems to be from roofing. Amazing reclaim work by turning cable spool into an amazing piece of furniture.
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The Urban Expedition
09/03/2016 โ˜ฐ
amazing work!
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Jorge Morais
11/30/2016 โ˜ฐ
Yes...sรณ nice!
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