Wooden Flag

God Bless America

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Ron Yancey Published on 02/12/2017, viewed by 2537 , 1 Comments

19.5" X 36"

What you will need

(5) 3/4 X1.5 X 6

Wooden stain of choice

Wood glue

3/4 plywood

How to do this project


Cut (3) of the 72" 3/4 X 1.5 in half.


I eye balled the union (3/4 inch plywood). It ended up being 14" long X 10.5" tall. So, the top seven stripes were 22" long. Stained espresso


I stained what would be the red stripes espresso and the white stripes natural.


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Rafael Sanches
02/12/2017 ☰
Amazing job Ron! Are you able to send a photo with more day light? We want to highlight in the home page
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