Wooden Ice Chest

Wooden Cooler

Wooden Ice Chest
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Angel Published on 5/18/2017, viewed by 612 , 2 Comments

Made with 2x4 Red Cedar. I have the blueprints for the cooler in the pictures. All coolers are different dimensions so adjust to be size of cooler. I made this for a school project. Spent roughly around $100 on 13 - 8ft red cedar 2x4's. Have fun making one or finding inspiration making yours better! Goodluck!

What you will need

Red cedar



Bottle opener

How to do this project





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Richard Ingram5/24/2017 ☰
i really like this i believe ill make one
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Mmfm Mm6/5/2017 ☰
That's a really cool idea.. I need one of thos.. I think you sold me on making 1
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