☕ How to Brew Coffee

Brazilian way brewed coffee.

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Renato PetermanPublished on 8/12/2017

In the first time that I brewed coffee in my life I had to search on the internet, hope this recipe can help others.

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What you will need

500 ml of water

3 tbsp of arabica coffee for brewing

Coffee filter

3 tbs of sugar (optional)

How to cook


Put the water to boil. (If you like your coffee with sugar, add it now).


Get your filter ready! And add the coffee to the filter. (I'm putting 3 full tbsp of coffee)


When the water is ready, add the water to the filter doing a circular movement.


Keep adding the water and wait the filter to finish.





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Ricardo Villarreal8/28/2017 ☰
Coffee - en
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Nihon Jp9/27/2017 ☰
Gotta try this method . Does it add some different taste to the coffee? - en
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Teodora Lukic10/31/2017 ☰
You're welcome to me for coffee Teodora
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