☕ How to Brew Coffee

Brazilian way brewed coffee.

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Recipe video made by Renato Published on 8/12/2017, viewed by 862 , 4 Comments

In the first time that I brewed coffee in my life I had to search on the internet, hope this recipe can help others.

What you will need

500 ml of water

3 tbsp of arabica coffee for brewing

Coffee filter

3 tbs of sugar (optional)

How to cook


Put the water to boil. (If you like your coffee with sugar, add it now).


l tbsp of coffee)

Get your filter ready! And add the coffee to the filter. (I'm putting 3 full tbsp of coffee)



When the water is ready, add the water to the filter doing a circular movement.


Keep adding the water and wait the filter to finish.




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Ricardo Villarreal8/28/2017 ☰
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Nihon Jp9/27/2017 ☰
Gotta try this method . Does it add some different taste to the coffee?
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Teodora Lukic10/31/2017 ☰
You're welcome to me for coffee Teodora
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