Beet Gnocchi

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Silvia CurioniPublished on 12/24/2017

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What you will need

3 cooked large beets (or 6 small ones)

2 eggs

100gr mascarpone (or ricotta)

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

Ground nutmeg


1 cup flour

3 tbsp butter

2 garlic cloves


How to cook


Blend the beets

Cut & Blend the beets until you have a smooth cream

Cut & Blend the beets until you have a smooth cream


Add egg, mascarpone and cheese

Add to the blender: the egg, mascarpone and the Parmesan cheese. Blend a little more


Move the batter to a bowl

Move the batter to a bowl


Add flour

Add the flour, little by little, mixing well with a whisk. Until you get to the desired consistency (some beets have more water than other, so you will have to eye this one


Cook beets using a pastry bag

Add the batter to a pastry bag, tie a string to the pot handles, let the water simmer and cut gnocchi as you see in this video



The sauce should be simple as the gnocchi already have a ton of taste! Just mince the garlic and cook with the butter and spread on top of the cooked gnocchi. You can also add some shaved Parmesan and parsley!


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