Celery Salad

An easy side dish for fish or other seafood

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Ryan GoodwinPublished on 45 days ago

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What you will need

4 stalks celery

2 sprig parsley

salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 a lemon

How to cook


Clean and peel celery

Wash the celery and peel the outer ridges. Celery has these veins that run along the outside. They kinda ruin the texture, particularly for thinly sliced celery.


Slice thin

I used a mandolin slicer. Cut the celery into shorter lengths so you can group them together for slicing. Adjust the mandolin to somewhere around a millimeter, nice and thin.


Pick celery

By grouping opposite leaves, you can speed up your herb picking significantly.


Salt and pepper

Combine celery and parsley in a small bowl. Season lightly with salt and pepper. In this case, I had some celery leaves that i included as well.


Olive oil and lemon

Add a short pour of olive oil. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the salad as well.



Mix the salad gently and adjust seasoning to your preferences. This is a nice, light little salad that goes really well with seafood.


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