Chana Chaat Pani Wali

Chana chaat with imli juice

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Sundas Ali Published on 05/29/2020, viewed by 828

What you will need

imli 200 gms

gur 200 gms

sonth 1 tsp

salt to taste

chaat masala to taste

boiled chickpeas 2 cups

boiled kidney beans 2 cups

1 chopped onion small

1 tomato chopped

green chillies chopped 4-5

(Nutritional facts 238 calories, 2.38 g fat, 42.31 g carbohydrates, 13.96 g protein, undefined mg cholesterol, 322 mg sodium)

How to cook


Boil together imli, sonth and gur in 2 cups of water until well combined. Do not overcook or gur will loose its taste.


Strain all pulp in a bowl and let it cool.


Now add in chickpeas and kidney beans. Then add salt and chaat masala according to taste.


Just before serving add in chopped vegetables (onion, tomato, chillies)


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