Egg Cheese Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Easy, Crispy and Delicious

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Renato Peterman Published on 01/22/2017, viewed by 6129 , 7 Comments

10 minute breakfast sandwich. Fast and super easy to make by morning.

What you will need

1 egg

2 slices of bread (7 grains)



Gouda cheese

Olive oil

How to cook


Make the omelet with olive oil and keep it. (We're gonna use half of it)


Fry the bacon and keep it.


Grill the breads with butter and before finishing the breads put the cheese on top for a minute and keep the breads.


Add the omelet half and the bacon and enjoy!


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Jason Francis
10/18/2017 ☰
Sweet friend have to try let you know how it turns out will be posting some Texas style plates so bounce back forth thanks
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Izzy's life
12/01/2017 ☰
Umm......... It didn't work out exactly like your pic
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Izzy's life
12/07/2017 ☰
That is actually just Chinese food!!!
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