Homemade Bisquick

Using Butter

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Ryan GoodwinPublished on 84 days ago

Bisquick is basically a readymade mix of fat, salt, flour and baking powder. You can make a simple substitute with common ingredients. I made this using butter. This version should be refrigerated. But if you replace the butter with a more shelf stable fat like coconut oil or lard, it will store for a longer period of time, like real bisquick. In that case, you might want to double the recipe for a larger batch to store.

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What you will need

1 1/2 cup AP flour

3/4 tbsp baking powder

1/4 tbsp salt

4 tbsp butter

How to cook


Combine dry ingredients

Measure out your dry ingredients and place them in a mixing bowl.


Dice butter

Measure out your butter and dice it up.


Add butter

Squish the butter into the dry ingredients until mixed well. When you squish a handful of the mix, it should form together, but break up easily.


Use in equal parts in any recipe


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