How to Chop Parsley

Basic cooking technique

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Ryan GoodwinPublished on 57 days ago

Chopping herbs is just one of those super basic tasks that every cook should have down cold. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that might help you on your way there.

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What you will need

1 bunch Italian parsley

1 sharp knife

How to cook


Pick parsley

When I say parsley, I mean Italian Flat Leaf Parsley. That curly crap only has one rightful place in the culinary world, and that's tucked up beside your Moons Over My Hammy. When picking herbs, match leaves, and then pick. Saves mental energy.



Not exactly a true chiffonade because the leaves are small, but the rough description of a chiffonade works here. Roll up a pile of leaves and slice them. You should end up with small strips of parsley. Sorry for the poor lighting in the video here.


Get to the chopper!

With your dominant hand, quickly rock the knife blade up and down by the handle, staying the tip with the opposite hand. Get comfortable with this teeter-totter rocking motion until you can harness the momentum and get the knife moving very quickly.



Guide the knife evenly through the pile several times. You can use the blade to scrape the choppings back into a pile after each pass. Repeat until you're satisfied with the general fineness of the chop.


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