How to Cut Leeks

How to clean and prepare leeks for a recipe

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Ryan GoodwinPublished on 46 days ago

A simple walkthrough on preparing leeks and what parts to use for what dishes.

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What you will need

1 leek

How to cook



First, remove the tips. Then, divide the green portion from the white portion. Many recipes call for the white portion exclusively.



Slice along the stalk to divide the leek in half lengthwise right through the center.



As leeks grow, they can capture a lot of soil in their folds. Make sure and rinse thoroughly through the layers.


Slice the whites

The white portion is often less bitter. It can be used for soups and dishes with subtle flavorings. Group them and slice, similar to the way you would slice an onion, using your knuckles to guide the knife.


Slice the greens

Many cooks choose to discard the greens. I think this is a terrible waste. The greens can be used in vegetable broths. They can even be blanched and dressed with oil and vinegar or lemon juice to be served as a simple salad.


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Romana Kulichová30 days ago ☰
I'm a cook, but I'm learning from you. Now I know how to clean the leeks from the clay 👍
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