How to Peel and Dice Potatoes

Basic cooking techniques

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Rafael SanchesPublished on 80 days ago

Square one? Maybe. But you gotta start somewhere. A dice is a cubic cut. The dice shown here is probably considered a medium dice in terms of size.

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What you will need

1 potato

potato peeler

chef knife

How to cook



A good peeler goes a long way here. I prefer a good y-peeler because it places your hand at the right angle to move quickly. Send me a direct message if you need help finding one. The one in the video here isn't very good.😬


Get rid of any blemishes

Peel and cut away any dark or green spots.


Slice lengthwise

From tip to tail, I like to start by slicing the potato into long pads that are about 1/2" thick


Slice lengthwise again

Then group and stack each half of the πŸ₯”. Slice lengthwise once more.



Group and slice perpendicular to original slices, yielding all of these nice potato cubes.


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Paulo Stakteas77 days ago ☰
Rafael, thank you so much for the lesson! Hugs
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