How to Steam Asparagus

Fresh steamed asparagus. An easy dinner side

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Ryan GoodwinPublished on 33 days ago

If you're wondering how long to steam asparagus in a stove top steamer basket, there's no straight answer. I recommend 3 minutes to preserve some color and texture, but it depends on your tastes, as well as the size of the asparagus.

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What you will need

1 bunch of asparagus

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1/2 lime

How to cook


Prep the asparagus

Asparagus dries out at the base as it sits. You can avoid this by storing it with the stem just slightly submerged in water. You will still want to remove a portion of the stem.


Trim the stalk

By bending the tip of the stem, the asparagus should snap where it becomes tender. This is a good trick for removing the part of the stalk that is to tough to eat.


Prepare your steamer

Get some water and your steamer basket set up. Crank up the heat until you get some steam, then back it off to a gentle simmer.


Steam for 3 minutes

3 minutes is my go-to time for most vegetable steaming. I just want enough steam to fix the color and take the bite off without making your vegetables mushy.


Combine mayonnaise and lime juice

I like to dip asparagus in mayonnaise that's got a little lemon or lime juice mixed in. It's super easy, just squeeze about a lime or half a lemon worth of juice into a big scoop of mayo.


Go time

I can eat these by the bunch in the spring.

I can eat these by the bunch in the spring.


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Romana Kulichov├í32 days ago Ôś░
I love asparagus.
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Ryan Goodwin32 days ago Ôś░
One of my favorites. And it means summer isn't too far off. - en
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Romana Kulichov├í29 days ago Ôś░
After four years I discovered this treasure in the garden :)
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