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Tbaruk Al-Dbdagh Published on 4/25/2017, viewed by 628 , 4 Comments

What you will need

Mint…parsley…Burghul…Tomatoes… one small onion… two lemon…olive oil

How to cook


The first step is to soak the bulgur with warm water until it becomes soft. Step 2: Cut the mint, parsley and onion in a small way and mix them together…Then we cut the lemon into two halves and squeezed over the blended salad.At this time after we have soaked the bulgur. Get rid of the water and put the bulgur over the salad and merge them together. With a little salt and black pepper powder and a little Cummins Powder .Put the tibula for 5 minutes in the fridge to cool a little and become better and then become ready to eat. ♥




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Rafael Sanches4/25/2017 ☰
Amazing job! Are you from Iraq?? Would you be able to share recipes in your native language?? That would be so wonderful.
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Tbaruk Al-Dbdagh4/26/2017 ☰
Yes I am from Iraq Thank you for your support I hope you like the recipe for this salad and I will publish some recipes for Iraqi foods I hope everyone will like it
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معتز محمد5/5/2017 ☰
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