Kale, Raspberry and Pine Nuts Salad

Kale, Raspberry and Pine Nuts Salad
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Silvia Curioni Published on 10/9/2017, viewed by 512 , 3 Comments

What you will need

4 cups of kale

1/3 cups raspberry

1 tbsp pine nutels

Salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste

How to cook


Add the olive oil to the kale and massage it well to break the fibers


Add the pine nuts and the raspberry


Season with the salt and balsamic vinegar. Serve!


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Rafael Sanches10/9/2017 ☰
this was delicious!
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Renato Peterman avatar
Renato Peterman10/10/2017 ☰
Looks delicious! Awesome photo! :)
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Peter Laxalt avatar
Peter Laxalt10/24/2017 ☰
Amazing photo
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