Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

When you get a whole chicken, what should you do w

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Ryan Goodwin Published on 04/23/2017, viewed by 3564 , 1 Comments

Whenever I get a whole chicken, I like to cook off the wings as a snack. Usually, if you eat chicken wings, they're baked or deep fried in a big batch. Since a chicken only has 2 arms, I'm working with only these 6 pieces, and so I can take my time and pay a little more attention to getting a nice brown crisp on each piece.

What you will need

2 each chicken wings

2 each chicken drummies

2 each chicken tenders

Black peppercorns


How to cook


Crush some peppercorns with a mortar and pestle. Freshly ground pepper is way more flavorful than the preground stuff.


Liberally season your chicken pieces in salt and pepper.


Heat a cast iron pan over medium heat with a pour of oil. I used olive oil, but sesame oil works great, or any cooking oil you have on hand.


When the oil is hot, lay your chicken pieces in the pan. Try to get as much surface area against the pan as possible. Leave them alone for a few minutes to get a good crisp. Flip and repeat, until each piece has a nice thorough coat of brown, crusty caramelization.


Time to eat. I always share with my wife, so there's good reason to keep improving. Great how something so simple can be so delicious with just a little care in preparation.


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Τοny Zoniadis
01/19/2019 ☰
Ryan the wings came out just perfect! Man, your way is the way to enjoy them with my two sons, they can't have them like this in the Army! We loved them. Thanks a lot.
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