Shredded Carrots

The julienne attachment on a benriner mandoline

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Ryan GoodwinPublished on 65 days ago

A mandoline is great for quick, consistent slicing. I love the Benriner, personally, it's a great product that's been around for ages. It comes with extra blades for cross-slicing. This is how they work.

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What you will need

1 Benriner mandoline with medium julienne attachment


How to cook


Peel Carrots

Speaking of tools that I love. The Kuhn Y-Peeler is another winner for me. So fast and comfortable. I'm not being payed by Kuhn or Benriner, btw, I just love these tools.


Insert blade

Unscrew the retainer bolts on either side of the mandoline. Then, slip the julienne blade, with the teeth pointed towards the main blade, into the gap left by the retainers. Tighten the retainer bolts back down to clamp the blade in place.


Slice Carrots

Carefully, slide the carrots through the blade. Carrots are probably the most dangerous thing to slice on a mandoline. Make sure your hands are nowhere near the blade.


Be Careful!

See how I'm using my palms to grip the slicer as I press the carrot through with my thumbs. This ensures that if the carrot slips, my hands are braced, and I won't end up sending my thumbs or palms into the blade.


Shaved Carrots

Check out those little matchsticks. It's pretty much impossible to slice carrots so evenly without this tool.


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Julia Lynn Winfield65 days ago ☰
My next kitchen tool investment is a mandolin. It saves so much time and everything is uniform. Thank you for posting kitchen basics along with your awesome recipes!
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Ryan Goodwin65 days ago ☰
One of the gadgets I really love having around. Definitely go for the Benriner. There are a lot of fancier looking options these days, but the old Benriner in the weird box that doesn't look like it's changed since the 80's, that puts them all to shame.
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