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Full dinner w/ smashed potatos and brocollini

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Monika WalkerPublished on 63 days ago

This is momma's secret recipe. Great simple comfort food! Frying the chops in lots of butter before putting them in the oven helps to sear in juice and flavor. And putting green herbs in at the last stage of cooking ensures 1) they dont burn and 2) they preserves their aroma by the time you eat them!

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What you will need



black pepper

All Spice



garlic powder






1 can of nice pale beer (i used a blonde ipa)

White Onion

Fresh Garlic

5-6 potatos

2-3 Brocolli Stems

Pork Chops Bone In

How to cook


Make the Salt/Seasoning Blend

Combine equal parts coriander, all spice and black pepper. Crush or grind to a powder. Add some cumin to taste. Add salt, which should comprise of about half the final spice mix. Add garlic powder to taste, mix well.


Boil/steam veggies

Boil potatoes and steam brocolli over the water; pre-heat that oven to 350


Start Browning

Time to brown- Heat a pan of butter/olive oil, along with some garlic and fresh thyme. Apply spice blend to both sides of chops and place in the pan. When blood pools on the surface its time to flip. Brown both sides and then remove from pan.


Oven Time!

Once all the porkchops have been just seared, put them in the oven. Dont overcook them; set a timer for 10 minutes so you can check on them.


Brocolli is done! Bake potatos!

Take the brocolli out of the steamer and set aside. Remove the potatos and place them in a baking tray- smash them down slightly and pour a cup of beer over. Apply garlic powder liberally and place in the oven


Apply Green Herbs

Mix thyme oregano rosemary and sage in equal parts and grind them down to a fine blend. Take out the chops n taters, apply the blend then flip them over, sprinkle herbs again add more butter and place back in oven for another 10 minutes.


Mushroom sauce

Heat oil and butter in a pan. Chop onion and brown. Add garlic and mushrooms. Saute about 1 min before adding the rest of the beer. Stirring, add leftover herbs and spices to taste and put a lid over.


Chops and taters are done!

Take out chops and potatos. Finish smashing potatos in the pan with cream, butter, sour cream, ghee, yogurt or all of the above. Add in some more garlic powder if you like.


Plate and Serve

Ta-Da!! Pour the mushroom sauce over the chops and the brocolli. Finite!


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