Sweet Tea

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yield12 portions

What you will need

12 Black Tea Bags

1/4 tsp Baking Soda

1 cup Sugar

1 gallon Water, divided

1 Lemon, optional

.5 oz Fresh Mint, optional

(Nutritional facts 10 calories, 0.1 g fat, 2.39 g carbohydrates, 0.2 g protein, undefined mg cholesterol, 14 mg sodium)

How to cook


Heat 4 cups of water until just barely boiling, remove from heat, and add the tea bags and baking soda.


Steep the tea for about 5 minutes and then squeeze remaining water from the bags and discard.


Whisk in the sugar while the tea is still hot so it dissolves easily.


Add remaining water (12 cups) and chill until cold. Serve over ice with lemon and mint.


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