Low and slow

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Recipe video made by Ryan Published on 08/14/2017, viewed by 899 , 0 Comments

The basic technique, season the meat and roast gently until it falls apart. So simple, and magically delicious.

What you will need

1 pork shoulder

1 batch of yor favorite pork rub

How to cook


The next day, preheat your oven to 250f. Place the pork shoulder in a baking dish (something with high sides so you don't make a mess of your oven). Get rid of the plastic wrap.


Cover pork with foil or parchment and roast for 6-12 hours depending on size. The meat should be super tender and easily shreddable.


z a broad time span, right? Just check it occasionally after 6 hours in the oven. Tough to overcook these things at such a low temperature. When it's done, a fork should go right through the flesh with no pressure.


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