Simple Garlic Cheese Bread

In a microwave or a toaster oven

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Ryan GoodwinPublished on 75 days ago

Garlic bread is a great, easy side dish for all kinds of meals. You can buy a lot of ready-to-bake garlic breads, but it's so easy to just do it from scratch.

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What you will need

1 french baguette

3 cloves garlic

2 tbsp butter

1 chunk fresh parmesan

How to cook


Combine butter and garlic

Crush the garlic and put it in a small, microwave-safe dish. Give it about 20 seconds in the microwave to melt the butter.


Cut bread

Carefully slice the baguettes in half lengthwise.


Coat with garlic butter

Coat generously with the garlic butter.


Add grated cheese

Top with grated cheese.


Now, you can pop these in an oven for a few minutes if you're already baking something else. Or a toaster oven would work well if you cut the lengths short enough. You can also wrap them in paper towels and microwave for about 20 seconds.


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Gin lover70 days ago ☰
@Ryan Thank you for posting this delicious recipe I like home made garlic bread
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Rafael Sanches70 days ago ☰
It can be used in combination with so many other recipes. Can you attach the pork sandwiches recipe here too?
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Gin lover70 days ago ☰
@Rafael you know what garlic bread is good with pizza and garlic bread sauce
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