How to Crush Garlic

With the side of your knife

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Rafael SanchesPublished on 80 days ago

Basic cooking techniques

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What you will need

garlic cloves

chef's knife

How to cook



Remove the hard, root side of the clove. I use a knife, and tilt the knife at the last moment to split the skin fo easy peeling.



With the side of a chef's knife placed over the peeled cloves, you can give a firm thwack with the heal of your palm to start. Then slice the cloves thin.



By pressing the blade of the knife into the garlic and dragging through the garlic, you reduce it to a paste.



Scrape up the crushed garlic and put it to use.


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Paulo Stakteas78 days ago ☰
This procedure seemed difficult to me. Here in Mozambique we have an instrument made of wood, which is called PYLON. I think the "scientific" name of this instrument is a mortar. There is a large, which is used for pillar cereals such as corn for example, and another small (pestle), which we use to macerate the garlic, piripire, ginger and aromatic herbs. The small pestle undoes the garlic very well, may even make it a potato if you wish. It is very easy to use and very efficient.
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Subaddra Sankruti75 days ago ☰
Wow, this seems easy! I always use (mini) mortar & pestle. Thanks for the idea👍 - en
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